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جمعية النخيل هي جمعية خيرية تهدف لتقديم المساعدات العينية للمستفيدين وذلك لرقي ورفاهية الفقراء والأيتام والأرامل والمحتاجين

عفد شراكة مع جمعية كنف

“Life between the Four Walls” is a dream that everyone wants

  • Nakheel has sought to improve the living conditions of poor and needy people. Through the restoration, expansion and development of old houses falling, old and narrow and made of weak materials is not strong does not tolerate the climatic factors in the summer and winter of free and cold and winds and others, After studying the situation of the families of the study of all aspects of social, economic and health to identify the needs of needy families, and the transfer of the family to a safe and appropriate atmosphere, the Assembly has over the past years, the construction of housing and repair of a number of homes, the total value of cash assistance for the participation of the restoration of homes amount (20,000) twenty thousand riyals, which benefited (5) five beneficiaries for the past two years.

Project Goals