عفد شراكة مع جمعية كنف

the Messenger of Islam says: “Charity is to extinguish the wrath of the Lord, and to pay the death of evil.”

  • The opinions of benefactors differed about the provision of alms and charitable donations. There is a preference to offer cash to enjoy the variety of options offered to them in terms of purchase and choice, and last to offer them in kind, such as clothes and various other foods and perhaps some pieces of furniture and others, but agreed on its noble Islamic purpose in spreading mercy and love And intimacy and solidarity among themselves as one family, but one body if complained by a member fell to him the rest of the members of the month of fever.


  • Charity donations are more efficient in terms of quantity and gender. It is not correct to focus on a particular pattern of alms, since providing it as a material that provides the abstaining option for the purposes of the person in need or providing such assistance, as well as materialism fills another kind of need. Which is carried out by this assistance, whether in kind or monetary in terms of the usefulness of the desired submission.


  • As these charity charity is very useful and not insignificant little material or in kind may have painted the smile on the faces of many needy families.
  • Charity in Islam, the donation to the face of God offset by the reward of good after death as stated in the iron Surat: (The certified and certified and loaned God a good loan doubles them and have a generous reward).


  • Charity in Islam is one of the clearest indications and the most authentic signs of the truthfulness of the believer. Whoever spends his money is proof of his faith and the correctness of his certainty. In this the Prophet of Islam said: Charity is not limited to money, it is not purely physical, since the mere start of peace and return is considered charity, good speech and speaking with people is also charity.


  • For charity is ten virtuous virtues in the world: cleansing the money and the body of sins and pushing the scourge and disease and bringing pleasure to the poor and the blessing of money and the breadwinner. As for the things in the Hereafter, they are: the shadow of the owner in the intensity of the heat, and the lightness of the calculation, and the weight of the balance, and permissible on the cataract, and increase degrees in Paradise. Similarly, almsgiving extinguishes the wrath of the Lord because the Messenger of Islam says: “Charity is to extinguish the wrath of the Lord, and to pay the death of evil.”
  • Charity has a great impact on the society, where it works to spread the spirit of cooperation and brotherhood between the members of society and remove envy among people, and charity many types of money, real estate, clothing and food or building mosques that are considered charity ongoing.

The role of the Palm Society Charity