عفد شراكة مع جمعية كنف


  • The process of mating is one of the Sunnahs of God in his creation until every creature is present in this universe. In human beings it is a sacrifice and worship above it to preserve the offspring. This worship is an innate need for man to feel stable and human with the other party. On affection and mercy and safety and tranquility.


  • The verses and ahaadeeth in this section are available and cover all aspects of this subject. You will find the urge to marry and to guide the people of religion, honesty and creation, and find the details of the ten marriages until the marriage achieves one of its goals, which is chastity and prevention from falling into obscene. To reduce and facilitate the provisions of marriage to other directions of God and prophetic in this context.


  • (Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Oh, young men, whoever is able to marry you, let him marry and say, ‘Get married, the friendly and the born.’


  • In addition to the rapid development and deterioration of the economic situation and the high prices that have invaded the social, economic and other spheres of life and the growing demands of life and the increase in their material value, the human and human conditions have been affected. Marriage entered within the circle of accounts to occupy the minds of young people because of the inability of many of them to meet their obligations and necessary needs.


  • Therefore, Nakheel Charity Association took upon itself to work on the project of marriage assistance in an attempt to find ways to help young people to complete half of their religion by opening new doors of charity to Zakat, charity and donations of all groups of good and able people and others. The importance of marriage in the funerals and prepare them for a secure and stable life through which many of the interests of legitimacy, security, social and others, where the association provides cash assistance to those who come to marry every year, and the aid of marriage last year 40 thousand riyals .. About 15 people.

Project Goals